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Painted Figures: O-gauge size figurines and game piece accessories.

Note: Pat is the painter of these figures, not the creator of the figures. She thanks the artisans who crafted the items she has painted for their fine work.

Throne room door (the front), well guarded by marble statuary. Below.

Throne room door (below), the inside showing the locks and hinges. Also two "marble" statues guarding the door.

The Golden Snake Doors; frontside.

Shown below, a female Goliath with axe and shield.

Below, a female Wizard, possibly meant to be a Drow, but being used as an Eladrin Elf.

The following are from Deadlands, a game about a warped Old West.

Three gents and a lady, out in the countryside. Next are some fellows getting "ready" to draw.

[Click on the photo to see it enlarged, or another view.]

Ready, Aim ...

Townsmen to the rescue (below left). ...From the bad guys, below, center. Every town has it's characters, and here's some interesting old guys.



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