CUSTOM ORDERS: Custom orders would be acceptable for certain items. For instance, Pat can match boxes or bags with your own living room or bedroom fabrics. Email Pat. As a general rule, the price would be 150% of the price shown (divide the price by half and add that to the price shown; for example, a custom ordered one-sided book bag might be $15.00, large bag would be around $40; a custom hinged box would be about $25.00.) Prices for more intricate work would be extra.

Painted Boxes

First five little boxes, made of thin wood veneer, made for a church fund-raiser in Autumn 2004: (all proceeds went to the church) 13 standard boxes total were made; all but a few have been sold. (see following picture for inside boxes)

Group 1

below (Same boxes): Under the lid is another original painting:

(Same boxes) seen from a different angle:

Three more boxes with lids on: L-R Round Patchwork [Hexagonal sold, Round Camel box sold]. Boxes can be ordered to match fabric samples.

Below: Same three boxes with the under-lids showing:

Camel With Character

Heart-shaped box

"Box: Dogwood Branch" (4" x 4") sold

Birdfeeder (three views of same feeder) -sold 5.2005

Tea Box - the inside is divided into six sections for tea bags. A gift for Emily Treat.

Bag and Box with tea/coffee pot and cup and saucer, commissioned as a present for Linda Ericksen.


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