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Local Christian Women's Fellowship

The Christian Women's Fellowship of Marple Christian Church, Broomall, PA (pictured) has a project every month except July and August.

Shown, the December project: our CWF annually puts together around 200 goody bags for the Life Center of Delaware County (the shelter for the homeless). (Another month we put together health kits for them.)

Our CWF, top row L to R: The Rev. Janet Moore, Dale Blair, Sharon Margolis, Barbara Ann Floyd, Irene Thompson, Pat Treat and Emily Treat; lower row L to R: Janet Sette, Marion Johnson, Becky Johnson, Joanne Birch, and Mary Mallory.

(Shown is only a 1/5 portion of the goody bags prepared that day.)

For more information about Marple Christian Church's CWF, go to, where I have transferred this information. It has a list of our planned 2005-2006 CWF projects and information about meeting times, etc.

Regional Christian Women's Fellowship / Disciples Women

Pat is Vice President of the Regional CWF/DW of Pennsylvania. The "Region" includes all of Pennsylvania and parts of the state of New York. Her primary annual responsibilities in this role include attending Board meetings/planning sessions, and taking a planning and leadership role in the annual CWF weekend retreat (September), planning for Cluster Meetings (which are held in the Spring and are for educating each quarter of the Region on upcoming CWF Programs), planning the CWF luncheon and hospitality events for the biennual Regional Assembly, occasionally writing an article for the Keystone Christian paper, and additional leadership in the event the President cannot fulfil her duties. Most of the above occurs on a few Friday nights and Saturdays of the year.

Below: Board Meeting in Bedford, PA, in November of 2004: Occurs twice a year in different locations.

L-R: Susan Frey, Laura Nedley, Geri Levi, Barb Henderson, Madelyn Logan, Darlene Ford (President), Sherri Plocinski, Rose Conyers, Emily Treat, and Helen Long. (Pat taking the picture) Three unable to attend.

(other side of the room) Madelyn Logan, Darlene Ford (President), Sherri Plocinski, Rose Conyers, Emily Treat, and Helen Long


Below: Photograph taken at the meeting place, Lone Pine, for riding together to Ohio for a Fri-Sun meeting of all the North East Regions of CWF (from Canada to Virginia).

Madelyn L. (PA Regional Staff Person), Barb H.(S.W. Dist. Coord.), Helen L. (Service Coordinator), and Pat (V.P.)

also present, Laura Nedley (Joint Event Dir.)

A picture taken between sessions in the meeting at Camp Christian in Ohio:

Above center foreground (facing us): Brenda Etheridge (kneeling), from our Office of Disciples Women, takes a moment before the meeting begins to check notes with Marie Fleming. Marie Fleming is now doing mission work in Central America.

Presentation by the Office of Disciples Women:

Above: Adonna Bowman, Executive Director of the Office of Disciples Women, far left.

An interregional meeting, such as this one, known as NIRF, is held every 3 to 4 years. The date for this event was October 22-24, 2004 and was held at Camp Christian in Ohio. Among other things, we learned more about the Office of Disciples Women and how it functions along with the Office of Overseas Ministries. We received a moving report from Adonna Bowman of her Woman to Woman Program trip to Columbia to visit with the oppressed women of that mission. The regions in our group include the Capitol Area (DC), eastern Canada, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

For information about the international and national CWF/Disciples Women:

For information about the Joint Event, "Dream On, Sisters!"* in the summer of 2006, combining women from the United Church of Christ (UCC) with the Disciples of Christ (DOC), click on the "mix in '06 Women's Event" at

*the topic for this gathering: "As sisters we encourage one another to: discover our dreams... be claimed by God's dreams... live out those dreams in the world."