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Which Languages?

(pardon Pat while she brags a little on her husband)

Languages currently in use:

English (first language - received perfect score on GRE)

Primarily a reading/writing knowledge; some spoken/conversational of the following:

Spanish (high school)

French (college)

German (college)

Italian (on own)


Dead languages:

Ancient Greek - he can verbally translate into English while reading the Greek (as if reading English)

Ancient Hebrew - he can verbally translate into English while reading the Hebrew (as if reading English); has read modern Hebrew as responsive readings with others in a synagog (as responsive readings).

Latin (took it in high school. It makes it difficult to play dictionary games with him since he can figure out the meaning of any latin based word.)

Aramaic (learned while getting his masters degree)

Coptic (a similar spoken form of Hieroglyphics)



Pat, on the other hand, took a little Spanish in High School and French in college, and learned a little Italian on her own, but now, if she tries to speak any of them, it comes out as a combination of all three. However, on the bright side, she is very good at pronouncing names correctly if seen written.