Tim, preventing Emily from floating to the ceiling, and Pat and Jay behind Jayson and Brenda. Behind us is Tim and Emily's Christmas tree.



Pat's family branch:

L-R: Tim, Emily, Pat, Jay, Jayson, and Pat's two sisters, Marianna and Terry (Emily & Tim's house, PA, in Autumn, 2001)

[Note: The omission of last names is on purpose because it isn't a good idea to put too much information on the internet.]


Left: Pat's siblings, Marianna, Michael, and Terry at the 2000 family reunion (that Pat couldn't attend)

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My sister Marianna has two sons, one grandson and one granddaughter

above: Marianna and her granddaughter, Shyanne, who is the daughter of Sam (stationed in Iraq)

right: Shyanne saying goodbye to daddy


(above) Shyanne with her Uncle Matt. Marianna also has a grandson, James, the oldest child of Sam's.


My sister Terry and family:

Left: Terry with husband and three kids, L-R: Mary, Terry, Mogens, Thomas and Margaret

Below: Vivienne, daugter of Mary, and Hannah, daughter of Margaret (picture 12/26/2004)

Below, left to right: Mary and husband, Gaston, and daughter Vivienne, Tracey and Thomas, Margaret and Jason (Hannah is there but not in the picture). Christmas 2004

Vivienne is the daughter of Terry's oldest daughter, Mary; Hannah is the daughter of Terry's youngest daughter, Margaret.


My brother, Michael, has two sons, Mark and Andrew, both married, one granddaughter and one grandchild on the way.

(above) The four of them few years back ... and Mark and wife, Becky

Andrew and Sara Mark and Jenna

My dad and his sisters at Aunt Nadine's house in Phoenix, AZ, awhile back.

Left to right: Emily (who really does have shorts on), Uncle Joe (Nadine's husband) and Flo (Nadine's oldest daughter), Aunt Claire, Aunt Nadine kneeling, Aunt Athalene, daddy (in a short-lived mustache period) and momma.

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Daddy had three brothers and three sisters. Not shown: his brothers TA and Ross L (who were already deceased at that time) and dad's brother, Erman, who was not well enough to travel. The only ones in this picture who are still living are Emily and Flo.

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