We were given an objective; subject matter was up to us.

"Bauhaus" (An International Style Residence in Europe) 45"w X 34"h

The project was to use only four tubes of paint (white, black, and any two colors) to achieve the most possible hues, tints, and shades possible.


What is the title? The Answer My Friend is..."Blowin' In The Wind"

The project was to use paint right out of the tube.


"Kansas Afternoon"

The project was to create visual texture and depth with a flat painted surface.

Although it looks bizarre for the sky to be this dark during the middle of the day, this is an accurate representation of an actual photograph.


"Monument Valley Sisters"

The project was to achieve depth using flat color and a smooth surface with no shadows. The technique uses approximately 10 applications of extremely thin coats of paint.


"A Victorian Idyll"

The project was a heavily "painterly" surface.


"A Lettered Fern"

The project was lettering in a design (without spelling anything).


"Worlds Unknown" (Art for a boy's room)

The project was to create raised textural surfaces. There is an actual arch on the planet (3:30).


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