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Chalice Sounds: the Contemporary Worship band of Marple Christian Church

L-R: Debra Mixon on fiddle/violin; Jay C. Treat on electronic wind instrument and guitar; Dale Blair on piano and keyboard; Sarah Birch for vocals (blue); Lori Reed for vocals (pink); Richard Birch on base guitar; Jeff Johnston on guitar and vocals; John King on lead guitar, and Tim Haslett on drums and vocals.

Left to right: Sara, Debra, Lori, Richard, Jeff, Tim, Dale and Jay

Left to right: Sara, Lori, Debra (above), Jeff (below), Richard, Dale, Tim and Jay

L to right top row: Tim, Jeff, Dale, Jay

L to right bottom row: Lori, Debra, Richard and daughter Sara (John is missing from this picture, but it is a better picture of everyone else)

Chalice Sounds plays many of their own original songs. For more information on the band and what they play, go to

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